Santa Jucy adopts sustainable production practices, is already UTZ certified and is currently preparing itself to receive Rainforest Alliance certification. Approximately 100 acres of the farm are protected, with total preservation of the local flora and fauna; all of the residues from coffee processing are treated for future reuse or correct disposal. Sustainability pervades all of the estate activities since its acquisition in 2010.


Without the people who work on the farm, Santa Jucy coffees would not be so special. There are currently six families living on the premises and its members are fully dedicated to farm operations such as coffee handling, harvesting, drying and processing, apart from the selection, grading and cupping of the coffees, made in fully equipped laboratories located in the site. Employees at Santa Jucy receive proper training and are granted all of the personal safety equipment necessary to conduct their duties; they also have clean and modern facilities at their disposal which contribute to their good health and well being.

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