Of the farm's 740 acres, 444 are dedicated to Arabica coffee production of the Icatu, Catuaí and Mundo Novo varieties. The production is 100% traceable and complies with strict sustainability standards.

The harvesting at Santa Jucy is entirely mechanized, which brings efficiency and agility to the process. After harvested, the cherries are processed in state-of-the-art equipment and dried on patios, under the sun. The drying is completed in mechanical rotary driers that guarantee the homogeneity of drying and preserve the quality of the beans.

Santa Jucy Estate produces 2,000 bags of specialty coffees, natural and pulped natural, with complex quality profiles. They are lots and micro lots of high quality coffees besides unique varietals that reflect the passion for producing coffees with quality and responsibility.

Back in 2013 still on the farm's first crop, Santa Jucy's pulped natural coffee ranked 2nd on the Coffee Quality Contest of São Paulo State; On 2015 Santa Jucy was crowned the best pulped natural on the same contest, thus representing São Paulo state on ABIC's national contest. The bag of this coffee was aquired on a record price ever seen on this contest.

Santa Jucy Estate is proud to offer its clients a selection of really special coffees: the varietals Yellow Icatu, Red Catuaí, Mundo Novo and Red Icatu. These are differentiated single-origin coffees, whose processing is carefully conducted, and separately conducted for each variety. This unique treatment allows for the production of coffees with exceptional cup profiles, rarely found in blends.

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